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NPR Talks About Long-Term Care

• Whether to buy long-term care insurance — listen to an NPR analysis.
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• With no long-term care insurance, a husband is a caregiver to his wife — listen to this NPR report.
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How to comparison shop for long-term care policies.



LTCi Consumer Guide

Learn the basics of long-term care plan design,
what long-term care costs, and how to
pay for long-term care.

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LTCi Worksite Guide

Learn what every business needs to know
about long-term care insurance.

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Kiplinger's Most-Asked Questions
About Long-Term Care Insurance

Kiplinger's answers the what, who, where, when,
and why of long-term care planning.

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Can You Afford To Grow Old?

By requesting this book, you will learn:

  • What is long term care insurance?
  • Why buy long term care insurance?
  • What is the medicare program?
  • What is the medicaid program?
  • Should you self-insure?
  • How do you find the right policy for you?

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  • Basics of Life Insurance

    By requesting this material you will learn:

  • General purposes of life insurance.
  • Considerations in the purchase of life insurance.
  • Types of life insurance policies.
  • Term life Insurance details.
  • Whole life Insurance details.
  • Universal life insurance details.
  • Taxation of life insurance proceeds.

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